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(She's not a real saint)

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Thank you, xkcd and Neil Gaiman

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NaNoWriMo 2007: birds_almanac, The Birds' Almanac
NaNoWriMo 2008: bearbrass, The Bearbrass Inmate
NaNoWriMo 2009: Brainstorm

About me:
I live in a tiny self-made oasis of geekdom, far, far away from civilisation. Most people here haven't seen Star Wars. Marsupial gangs wander the streets. Our local sport is cow bingo. Fortunately I live with my girlfriend, lilacsigil, and together we keep the geek spirit alive.

I point to this extract from older versions of my user info and laugh:

I'm fairly new to fandom as an online thing that you talk about with other people. It's good but strange to mix with other people who like what I like. I haven't entirely gotten used to it yet. I don't write fic right now. I don't know if I will.

5/4/2006 Update: Fic burst out of my brain today. It was a surprise. I guess I can't say I don't write fic anymore. I wait with interest to see what my brain will do next.

Now I write fic. I like writing fic. Fandom, you changed me.

I'm also an editor for two fandom newsletters: comicstore_news and crossover_news.

I'm st_aurafina at DreamWidth, Inksome, Journalfen, Insane Journal, Fanlore and on Twitter. (Yeah, I may have a little problem with name-sitting.)

My Fic: I don't write as often as I'd like, but all my fic is collected in my LJ under the tag "fic". Here's a link: All my Fic!

I've written in HP fandom, X-Men (movies and comicsverse), House MD, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Global Frequency, Bones and BtVS. I like slash, het, gen, all sorts of things. Most of all, I like a good story.

Friending Policy: Go ahead! I can see no reason that I wouldn't friend you back. Maybe if you were an evil dictator, or sacrificed babies, or you're obviously a spam bot. In practice, if your journal is very new and has little information in your profile about what we have in common, it would be nice if you dropped me a comment somewhere just to say hi, and why you're friending me.

If I've friended you, hi! I must really like your fic, or your opinions, or your icons. I will also have checked your friending policy before I friended you. I don't expect you to friend me back, although you are very welcome.

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